Beeswax wraps make a beautiful gift on their own, but they can be of great use during Christmas. Here we have compiled five interesting ways to use beeswax wraps on Christmas Day, or for any of your Christmas celebrations and dinner parties to come.

1. Beeswax wraps as table treat cones.

beeswax wraps used as lolly bags

Big kids or little kids will love this come dessert time! Beeswax wraps can be folded into festive looking cones for the Christmas table. Just pop in your selection of chocolate/ sweets. Remember beeswax wraps adhere to themselves with just the heat of your hands so these cone pockets are super easy to make. We love a plastic-free table!

2. Beeswax wrap as a centrepiece.

Whether you’re at home and trying to keep the flies away before the guests arrive (Aussie Christmas!), or transporting a salad bowl to Christmas lunch, beeswax wraps make a wonderful and beautiful cover. Easy to rinse off at the party and re-use for leftovers.

3. Flowers bouquet double gift.

Flowers are a beautiful gift on their own, but even more sustainable and lovely is using a beeswax wrap to wrap your bouquets. Who doesn’t love a double gift!

4. A bowl for sides.

Fold in the sides of your beeswax wrap (medium or small size) and you can origami your beeswax wrap into a cute looking bowl for your fruits. Ready to decorate that cake come dessert time.

5. Homemade treats double gift.

beeswax wrap wrapping cookies

Anything homemade is a gorgeous gift, but we we know those treats don’t last long. Instead, present those delicious delicacies in a beeswax wrap for another double gift they will appreciate for a long time!