our skincare story

We believe that skincare for sensitive and compromised skin doesn’t always need to be complicated. We believe that doing less with quality products can do more for your skin's general health. We believe that Manuka Honey is the absolute best ingredient available for sensitive skin.

We believe that Manuka Honey is the holy grail when it comes to the benefits it provides to sensitive skin, acne, rosacea, coldsores and other skin troubles. We use only the highest grade honey available to bring the most potent natural care to your skin.

Why we exist

For those of you who deal with senstive skin on a daily basis or know someone who does. Apiary Made products are specifically designed, uncomplicated, simple, 100% natural and beautiful to use. Apiary Made products rebuild and protect the skin's microbiome and skin barrier creating resilient, balanced and calm skin.

Skincare made simple

We wholeheartedly believe that dealing with sensitive skin should be simple and not disruptive to your day to day life. We believe that with the right products that support your skin to operate to its best, you don’t need a complicated skincare regime. 

Science and evidence 

Is key to us and we have scoured the planet for the best possible natural ingredients to deliver to you in our Apiary Made skincare. The science is in with evidence of how effective Manuka Honey is for creating skin that is hydrated, protected and happy. We obsess over the ingredients so you don’t have to.