Why We Love Jelly Bush Honey

Welcome to the start of our WHY WE series! In this series we go through elements of Apiary Made and who we are, discussing what we love and believe in. First up is Jelly Bush Honey, the key ingredient in our unique skincare range and the sweet source of Apiary Made as we know it.

When Celeste, founder of Apiary Made, was searching for a product to help with her sensitive, damaged skin, research led her to Jelly Bush Honey, Australia’s Manuka. Her discovery formed the beginnings of a natural skincare range to hero this ingredient. Eventually, after much trialling, she was ready to share this wonderful product with the world through Apiary Made.

Jelly Bush honey is produced by bees that feed on the nectar of the ‘Jelly Bush’ or Leptospermum polygalifolium. It is native to Australia, but part of the same family as the New Zealand ‘Manuka’.

Jelly Bush Honey has equivalent benefits and is as active as the famed Manuka honey. In fact, in some applications it has the potential to surpass Manuka. Australia is home to 84 of the world’s 87 species of the Leptospermum, and scientists are continually working to discover more about this Australian natural resource.

Well written on, Manuka honey contains many health benefits, namely, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti- inflammatory properties. To see more on these writings, head to this great article.

Therefore, the reason we choose to put Jelly Bush in our products is because we believe it is the best possible ingredient we can provide to you.

Our Jelly Bush Honey is independently tested and certified as active Jelly Bush Honey. The activity of Jelly Bush Honey is measured in Australia based on the level of MGO (Methylglyoxal) activity and we use a minimum of ULF 20+ in our skincare, equivalent to MGO 829, and 10+ in our jarred bottles, equivalent too MGO 263.

The ULF rating is an indicator of the strength of the antibacterial effect of the honey, the higher it is, the more potent the effect.

Using 20+ in our skincare means there are remarkable anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and healing qualities, all superb for your skin when applied topically.

Some benefits for the skin:

• Highly anti-oxidant. Fantastic for neutralising the oxidation process caused by free radicals and toxins which we are exposed to throughout the day, assisting to slow the aging process of the skin.

• Anti-bacterial. Astonishingly effective in healing and assisting to reduce bacterial build up, cleansing the skin and keeping it clear from acne and blemishes.

• Anti-inflammatory. Known to reduce inflammation such as the inflammation caused by eczema and psoriasis.

• Humectant. Assists to attract moisture to the skin, reducing the amount of moisture lost and keeping the skin hydrated for longer.

We have Jelly Bush 10+ available to purchase by the jar. This can be beneficial for your inner health when ingested. It has the capability to boost your immune system and also provide healing and protection from ulcers and other digestion issues.

Jelly Bush Honey

Jelly Bush Honey is now being used for a variety of medicinal purposes around the country due to it’s healing and immune boosting properties. The use of Jelly Bush Honey has evolved from an alternative therapy to being scientifically proven as providing benefits to the body, inside and out.

Persons should always contact their health professional prior to taking any supplements.