Why Exfoliating your Skin is so Important?

Apiary Made Body Scrubs are not only gorgeous to use, but they play a very important role in the health and appearance of your skin.

Why exfoliate skin? Exfoliating your skin not only gives you instantly smoother skin that feels great, but it is also an important part of keeping your skin healthy and therefore looking and feeling as good as it can be. The body has a natural exfoliating process in that when it generates new cells it sheds old cells. However, as we age this process begins to slow. As old skin cells accumulate, they tend to make the skin look dull and rough and can cause blemishes. It also mean that moisturisers are less able to penetrate the skin, reducing their effectiveness. So using and exfoliant refreshes your skin, assisting it to regenerate and helps you to love how your skin feels.

When using scrubs be gentle, it only takes a light touch to remove the dead skin cells and limit your exfoliation to one or twice a week. Anymore that that and it could irritate and damage your skin’s natural balance. This will help you exfoliate your skin effectively.

Apiary Made have three scrubs, all of which contain the superb benefits of Jelly Bush honey. The anti-bacterial properties cleanse, the anti-oxidant neutralise free radicals, the natural humectant properties attract moisture to the skin and the anti-inflammatory properties help sooth and protect sensitive or troubled skins. We have the Honey, Citrus and Sea Salt, Coconut and Mandarin and Watermelon and Vanilla. The organic cane sugar and Dead Sea salts will gently exfoliate and the other ingredients have added benefits, and all will help you to treat yourself and your skin beautifully.


With love, Celeste.

Honey, Citrus and Sea Salt Body Scrub