We are so delighted to be recognised by Telstra as a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards 2019 in the category of social change. Being a Telstra Awards Finalist, especially in this category, is rewarding for our entire team and exciting for our future.

We think this award reflects the strong community surrounding us. This includes our responsive and receptive customers, who testify to Apiary Made’s quality of product and share the same passion for health and the environment. As well as our hardworking team, which runs like a collaboration between staff in a flexible environment.

Creating handmade goods derived from the produce of beehives, Apiary Made hopes to make significant change in the day-to-day lives of our customers and in the process, help to reduce the impact on the environment. Luxury and sustainability unite in our range of goods: we create by the mantra that humans deserve and desire healthy products that will help us and the planet thrive.

“We believe deeply in social responsibility and caring for the environment. Every element of our business and all our decisions are driven by this.” said Celeste Faltyn, Founder.

Celeste Faltyn started Apiary Made by spreading the word about the healing and sustainable benefits of honey and beeswax using produce from her own beehives. Apiary Made now farms our own Apiary in the verdant region of the Yarra Valley in Victoria. The importance of bees is celebrated by the Apiary Made team and informs our everyday work, products and inspires our customers.

From humble beginnings, today we make thousands of beeswax wraps a week that are sold worldwide, stopping plastics from homes going into landfill and our oceans.

“It is fitting that we have been recognised by Telstra in the middle of Plastic Free July and we are committed more than ever to helping more people to reduce plastics in their home,” said Celeste.

Seeing the other finalists, we feel honoured to be a part of this select group of Telstra Awards Finalists and believe it is a testament to the growing awareness of the plight of the bee population and the need to support sustainable alternatives for a cleaner future.

Being a finalist in the Telstra Business awards bolsters our cause, and to have recognition we are having an impact is a wonderful feeling shared throughout our team.

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