Ethical Beekeeping is at the heart of Apiary Made. Non of our beautiful products would be possible without the health and happiness of our bees, Every season brings its own challenges, especially the colder months…

Winter for bees is much the same as it is for us… stay inside when it’s wet and windy and keep warm. If there happens to be a day where the sun is shining, they will venture out when it gets to around 14 degrees celsius and make the most of it while they can. Due to the wet Spring last year, it was one of the worst honey production seasons for many years as bees don’t come out when it’s raining, it’s too tricky for them to collect pollen and nectar when everything is so wet.

Bees use the honey they store for food during the colder months when they don’t have as much to forage on. Therefore, we didn’t harvest any honey last season as we didn’t want to leave them short during Winter, we only harvest honey when it is surplus to the hives needs. We wanted our bees to be able to sail through Winter and be as strong as possible as we welcome Spring. We also have many young hives and wanted to support them as much as possible to become strong, healthy and more established.

Fingers crossed it will be a great season for them, it has started off well, with lots of gum flowering in our area. Hopefully we will have some beautiful, pure honey to enjoy in the next few months.

xo Celeste