We have compiled a list of how to use beeswax wraps, our top five favourite ways. These are uses we always recommend to get the most out of your wraps. Maybe you received some wraps as a gift and aren’t sure where to start, or perhaps you’re looking for further inspiration… either way this list is for you!

1. Bowl of salad

salad bowl covered beeswax wrap

Use the warmth of your hands to mould a wrap over the top of a bowl of salad to help keep your salad fresher for longer. More effective than cling wrap at keeping your salad fresh in the fridge and beautiful for table presentation.

2. Parmesan cheese

beeswax wrap on parmesan cheese

Use the warmth of your hands to wrap a medium size wrap directly on parmesan cheese to help it last longer in the fridge. Much more effective than using cling wrap to keep it fresh and looks beautiful opened on a cheese platter.

3. A sandwich

beeswax wrap used with sandwich

How to use a beeswax wrap for your lunch when travelling to school or work is simple. Prepare a sandwich the night before (or first thing in the morning) and use a large size wrap to cover. The wrap will seal on itself using the warmth of your hands so you will end up with a tidy and spill-proof package. Rinse the wrap at work or later at home to reuse it again. A beautiful lunch every day.

4. Herbs

beeswax wrap around herbs

A wonderful way to get more out of your fresh produce such as herbs is to wrap it in a beeswax wrap and store in the fridge. Just use the warmth of your hand to wrap your herbs in a larger size wrap.

5. Half an avocado

half an avocado in beeswax wrap

No-one likes slimy avocado halves. A small wrap is the perfect way to neatly wrap half an avocado to store and eat for later. A beeswax wrap will delay the browning of your avocado.

To know more about care instructions: CARING FOR YOUR WRAPS ‘HOW TO’

You can achieve all these things using an Assorted Three Pack Beeswax Wraps: Colourful Kitchen