As the founder of Apiary Made, it was imperative that we have a social enterprise element to our business. I decided upon HEifer International. The concept of sharing some of the prosperity we enjoy, is part of our DNA and runs through the values of each of us and thus, the values of the business.

When I say prosperity I mean that most of us, get three meals a day. We can heat our house when it’s cold. We can replace our tired shoes when we need to. It’s not to say that we all do this easily but a lot of us in Australia manage. Whereas, for many families, despite their best efforts three meals a day is simply not possible. Donating for me is not driven out of guilt, I don’t think we should feel guilty in the way we live but perhaps we just shouldn’t take it for granted… and if we are thoughtful about what we purchase we can improve the lives of many. Thoughtfully purchasing products that in turn, give to charity provides more than just the value of the item.

We chose to become fundraisers for Heifer International because we believe in their values. Heifer provides live animals to families in communities in poverty. These live animals provide food, a sustainable income and the method for families to become self-reliant, in turn providing dignity and hope.

In purchasing Apiary Made products you are enjoying beautifully hand-crafted and effective products, and in doing so you are giving to families in need and for that, we say Thank-you!

If you would like to learn more about Heifer International you can visit their website www.heifer.org by clicking on the above image or you can visit our fundraiser page at www.fundraise.heifer.org/apiarymade