Has your school gone plastic – free? Do you need to come up with a plastic – free lunch? Are you sick of non- sticky cling wrap? You can’t find the perfect snack container?

The first week back at school for the year is a jumble of emotions: excitement, relief, gratitude, sadness and uncertainty (and that’s just the parents!). But however your family may be feeling, the task of organising a whole term of lunches has arisen, with it’s own set of challenges.

Thankfully, we have the solution for drama-free and plastic-free kids lunch: washable and re-usable beeswax wraps!

Apiary Made beeswax wraps are easy to use, they simply stick to themselves with just the warmth of your hands and only require gentle hand wash with cold water (plus a little detergent if neccessary) before using again. Not too mention the great benefit of reducing plastic litter at home and at school.

They are also kid- friendly, being easy for small hands to unwrap and stash back into a lunchbox. Kids also love the fun designs!

Coming in a variety of sizes such as small, medium and large, large size is best for sandwiches, wraps and rolls, while medium is wonderful for snacks. We have also created a dedicated sandwich wrap with a draw string and button for trusty transport.

Check out the following lunch box ideas featuring our great products.

  1. Fresh sourdough sandwich with grated carrot, cucumber and mayonnaise mix. Wrap in a large size wrap or sandwich beeswax wrap for easy transportation and a tasty plastic-free kids lunch.

2. Snack medley with baby cucumbers, cheese and crackers. Wrap in a medium size beeswax wrap or a beeswax sandwich wrap for a tidy lunch box.

3. Rice paper rolls with rice noodles, cucumber, carrot and mint. Wrap in a beeswax sandwich wrap for a healthy, tidy and plastic free kids lunch.

These fun lunch box ideas, plus beautifully packaged in beeswax wraps, are sure to be a hit with the kids. Also any muffins, slices and banana bread work wonderfully well wrapped in a medium size wrap. Bunches of grapes and fruit skewers… the list goes on!