A new chapter of Apiary Made

Celeste the founder of Apiary Made is passing on the reins and we couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter of Apiary Made.

Celeste started the business out of a need for natural skincare products that would not only be great for her skin but be gentle enough for her sensitive skin. As she learned about the astonishing benefits of Manuka and Jelly Bush Honey for her skin, it became clear that she had to do with this new knowledge. After many months of research, trialing and testing, Apiary Made came to fruition.

Celeste said “Apiary Made, for me has not been just the average business to operate. It has meant so much to me, the team of people who joined me on this journey, those that have enjoyed the benefits of the products. Each product was carefully considered and developed so that we knew it was going to be loved by us and those who used them. I am incredibly proud of the business, what it has achieved and the good that it has brought to many people. Now it is time for some new energy and new thinking. I could not be more pleased to be handing over Apiary Made to Laura. Her genuine affinity for the brand was evident from the moment we first spoke, and I knew she was the person to take the business to the next stage. Her appreciation of bees and their intrinsic value to our world made it very clear that she was going to be a wonderful custodian of Apiary Made and I sincerely wish her all the best with this beautiful business”.

Laura comes from an incredibly strong background in marketing and design – both nationally and internationally and above all is a bee mother to the hives that dwell on her farm in the magical Trawool Valley, where she thrives with her husband and two young children.

“Celeste and I share many parallels and when we met it was an instant and obvious organic fit to take on the brand. Everything about Apiary Made spoke to me. I was so attracted to the why, the story, the beautiful branding and the strong messaging all leading back to the wonderful and vital bees – but it was undoubtedly the product quality that excited me most. I truly wish you could smell and touch through a screen because the attention to detail and the careful composition of each element in every product is perfectly balanced and that was something I knew I wanted to share with the world,” said Laura.

“I am incredibly excited, honoured, and humbled that Celeste has passed the reins to me, so I can continue sharing the beautiful story that is ‘Apiary Made’.”