Beekeeping is something we hold dear at Apiary Made. Celeste, the founder of our small Australian business, has had her own hives for a few years.

This means she has enjoyed numerous seasons with the bees, and harvested several lots of gorgeous wildflower honey. However, after no amount of time does one ‘master’ Beekeeping… there is always something to learn and factors completely out of human control, foremost the weather.

Bees, like all creatures, are affected by weather changes and this season past was a difficult one for honey production as there was an acute lack of rain. It was hot and it was dry, and this meant a lot of the gums didn’t flower where our bees are located. Heat also affects nectar in the way it can be ‘baked’ out of the blossom. The bees therefore couldn’t access as much nectar as they would in a less dry season.

Bees need their own honey to survive, they create honey stores to last through winter. If they had a tough time collecting nectar to create honey for themselves, there won’t be much honey left for us humans too take. You see, in practising responsible beekeeping, you should only take enough honey in order to leave a surplus for the bees themselves.

Therefore by result of mainly the weather, we didn’t get much wildflower honey this season. But that’s okay, our priority is the health and happiness of the bees, at Apiary Made that is the epicentre of our business. None of our beautiful products would be possible without their health. We hope for better luck and more flowers next time!